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Welcome To Shovel Me

Shovel Me is a Snow Shoveling Service Located in Leaside/Bennington. Our Platform is centred around, making the community safer, stronger, and more connected. We do this by connecting shovelers ages (13-18) to homeowners. 

Many Teenagers have tiny ways to make and earn money; this could be due to extracurriculars or school. By using the website, you are allowing many Leaside and Bennington Teens to earn spending money. Also, with our platform, we don't take any cut from what the shovelers earn so that they can make the most money.


Since our platform does not take any cut from the Shovelers, we need a way to produce money so we can pay our website fees. We do this by charging the Homeowner a minimal monthly fee to use the service. The Monthly fee is vital because it allows us to pay for the website's monthly payment of $40. Please consider using the platform; it will only cost you the price of a single coffee per month. If you decide to purchase the plan, click 'Continue' below.

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