Before your start shovelling you will make sure that that the homeowner is home. You will then communicate with them, that you are beginning. Then after you finish shovelling you will discuss pay with the owner. What ever they pay you, you will keep. We don't take a dime, you get all 100%.

When we set you up with a house we will also tell you how much you can be expecting to make. 

- On smaller houses you will make around $20

- On medium sized houses you will make around $25

- On larger houses you will make around $30

You can shovel up to 3 houses a day, each 7 days of the week, which means you can make up to $630 per a week + Tip.

If the homeowner is...

- Being rude to you

- Keeping you longer than needed

- Not paying correct

- Refuses to Pay

- Is a no-show

We will contact them after, and possibly suspend their account, fine them or delete it entirely. 

If you are...

- Being rude

- High, Smoking or Vaping on the Job.

- Fooling around in the snow

- a no-show

We will hear about it after, and possibly suspend your  account, fine you, or delete it entirely. Although you still must get paid, as long as you finish and show up on time.

If in anyway you get injured while working for ShovelMe it will not be our responsibility. Please when shovelling wear proper clothing, and please wear boots that have good traction. Also we would suggest wearing a helmet to protect your head from slips and falls.

For starters we do not provide any equipment for shovelling what so ever, you must buy your own stuff.

Also we will contact you(via phone or email) telling you about where and when you must shovel. If you don't respond with-in 2 hours we will pass it down to someone else.