Shovel Me is an online shoveling platform that started in 2019. It was made as a way to help teens in Leaside make an income and learn about responsibility. 

The creator of the website noticed that when he would try to shovel houses it would become incredibly difficult to try and find someone to pay for his shoveling services. Because of this he created and launched Shovel Me.


Shovel Me acts as a middle man between homeowners and shovelers. Once a shovel is ordered on the website we find the closest and most available shoveler to do the job. 

Shovel Me does not take any cut from Shovellers as we feel it wouldn't be fair, instead, we charge the homeowners a small monthly fee to access our website.

With COVID-19 we have brought in a few measures to ensure everyone stays safe:

          - Social distancing guidelines

          - 100% electronic payments

          - Use of masks (if asked by homeowner)

          - No more team shoveling 

Last year was a test run and now with the official launch of our website this year we have improved it juristically. For starters, we got rid of the hideous background and replaced it with a solid color. We also completely redesigned our logo and made all text uniform color, size, and font. We also added a dashboard to make the website more intuitive, and we made the ordering process way easier with fewer options. Last year shovelers made thousands of dollars using Shovel Me and with our new improvements to the website we hope shovelers will be able to make even more!