What Is Shovel Me?

Shovel Me is a third-party service that connects homeowners to local shovellers. We do this through our online platform, which makes getting someone to shovel your driveway easy as pie!  
Shovel Me was created as a way for teens to have part-time jobs while learning about responsibility. It is because of this that Shovel Me does not take any cut from the shovellers. They get to keep 100% of what they earn.
When you order a shovel it will be with contactless online payments using Stripe and PayPal. The Cost of ordering a shovel ranges by snowfall amount, and size of the driveway. 
Before you can order a Shovel you must pay a fee to access our services. Shovel Me does this because since we don't take any cut from the shovelers we charge the homeowners a fee to use the Shovel Me website. Below are the ways in which you can pay the website fee.
Pay Fee
Each time you order a shovelling you will pay an additional fee. This option is very convenient, but not practical if you plan on ordering more than a few shovellings. 
Monthly Plans
These plans will cost you a small amount each month and give you access to order as many shovellings as you would like with no additional fees. There are multiple options for Monthly Plans to help suit everyone's needs.
Pre Order
We also offer the ability for homeowners to order snow shovellings in advance. This option can be very useful since it means that every time it snows (under certain conditions), we will automatically send a shoveller over to the homeowner's house.

Why Shovel Me?

By using Shovel Me you get to help support the local youth community while making your life easier. With shovel me there we don't require high commitment from the homeowners, and you can order a few or as many shovels as you please.
Shovel Me launched on November 12th, 2019, and in our first year, we were able to become successful with limited resources. This year we are expanding to make sure everyone in Leaside will have access to Shovel Me, and we hope to have another amazing winter!
We have also learned from last year and have completely changed the website, this includes a new logo, page design, store design, and a dashboard, We did all of this to make Shovel Me as easy to use as posible.

How Does Pricing Work?