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In 2019, Jason, a High School student, identified a problem that many of his peers faced. Students wanted to make money, but it was (and still is) challenging to get a part-time job that wouldn't collude with their busy school schedule(s). Students would solve the problem by shoveling driveways; however, many issues came with this also: trouble finding work, getting underpaid, and safety concerns.

Jason would then be inspired to Make Shovel Me, A third-party service that helps connect local students with Leaside Homeowners. Here, all client interactions and payments would be completely autonomous and online. There would be a predetermined and dynamic pricing scheme on the website that would remain consistent for all orders, with no exceptions. Finally, Shovel Me would not take any cut from shovelers; they keep 100% of whatever they earn. 

This will be the third Winter season that Shovel Me is operating. To commemorate it, we have rebuilt the website from scratch. Shovel Me is now more user-friendly and smarter. Last winter we had well over 20 active shovelers and helped them earn money. This year we hope to do even better!


Book Multiple Shovelings Ahead Of Time, at a Bundled Price.


Schedule a shoveling for an upcoming or current snowfall.


To cover operation costs, Shovel Me requires users to have a Monthly Membership to access the website and order.

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