Shovel Me is an online shoveling platform that connects shovelers with nearby homeowners that need help with snow removal. You are not employed by Shovel Me, as we do not hire any shovelers. You simply use our website to find available shoveling jobs.
When shoveling please respect the homeowner's property. Shovel Me is not responsible for any damage that you cause, or injuries that happen to you when shoveling.
Please do not have any personal contact with the homeowners as we want to keep everyone safe. Do not under any circumstances, go into the resident's home, and/or accept money, food, or drink.
All payments will be 100% done online so you must have an available chequing account that we can send your payout to. If you don't have an available chequing account we can send your payout to your parents or guardian. Your payout will be every other week on an agreed-upon day.
Shovelers should ensure their parents/guardians are aware of their shoveling location assignments at all times and carry a charged cell phone to allow you to be in contact as needed.
When you are shoveling, wear the following recommended attire:
- Winter Coat
-Winter Boots
- Mittens
- Handwarmers(if needed)
Properly assess safety concerns when working. If you feel unsafe for any reason, you are allowed to decline a job, and please advise Shovel Me accordingly.
Once you are finished with a shoveling job please submit photographic evidence to our website (​. If you fail to do this step it could result in not getting paid for your work..